Friday, August 21, 2009

Aliens are coming!

I've recently been reading about the earth ending in 2012! Apparently there is a hidden planet called Nibiru or Planet X that is currently making its 4000 year orbital return to pass the sun (and the earth) along the way.

You're probably thinking "Cool! Alien life forms coming to earth to make our life better."


Evidently the gravitational pull of this planet will cause enormous tidal waves and earthquakes on a biblical scale. In addition the alien life forms called Annunaki, by the ancient Sumerians, will once again enslave the human race as they have a number of times (think Pyramids in Egypt - ancient landing strip).

Its interesting what people will actually believe given enough time to work it through. The internet has really helped these lateral thinkers bond together and create even more elaborate theories. I think the key to making any great calamity theory is to tie it in to real world events. So I propose linking the most recent world problems into a theory that PROVES alien life.

Fact number one:
The ozone layer was created by the ancient egyptians after the latest alien invasion. It has acted as a shield to keep the alien ships out for the last 3000 years or so. Humanity, in its ever growing need to progress has destroyed much of the ozone layer. Not only is this extremely bad for pale skinned redheads the world over, but this has created holes in our shield through which the aliens can pass.

Fact number two:
Aliens hate the cold! Their thin skin and big heads cause them to lose a lot of body heat and therefore they like warm climates hence the reason all alien evidence (think pyramids and Mayan ruins) are all from warm areas of the planet. This leads me to believe that Canadians will be safe from Alien enslavement. But back to my point, Global Warming supports the alien invasion and allow them to function at optimal temperature.

Fact number three:
Alien space ships are magnetic with a south polarity. That is why they have to wait until the Geomagnetic Pole Reversal happens. Where the innards of our planet shift so that the north pole becomes the south pole, causing people with compasses major agro! But more importantly the aliens can only enter through the giant ozone layer over Australia and Antarctica but at the moment they South pole is repelling their ship like two south pole magnetics repel each other. Once the pole reversal happens they will be able to easily sneak in through the ozone layer.

Fourth and final fact:
Aliens are extremely allergic to trees. That is why they like dry and arid places with very few trees (like egypt). They are waiting for us to destroy the rainforest so they can attack us without hayfever.

So you can see that all 4 factors align to allow a full scale alien invasion from Nibiru through the holes in the ozone, while they are warm and hayfever free but only once the geomagnetic pole reversal happens.. If you need me, I'll be making a tinfoil hat to stop them reading my mind...

If you want to add to my theory please add your facts in the comments section below.


  1. there is a movie coming out about "2012" the end of the mayan calendar and the end of the world..... in the Nov. I think

  2. The aliens aren't coming ... they're already here, disguised as everyday objects and people ... and things. I think they're onto me because one followed me ho ...


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