Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Fear of clowns

Why are clowns so bloody scary?

For as long as I can remember clowns have been something I never wanted to cross paths with, particularly on my own. I remember stories from the playground of clowns lurking in the bushes waiting to abduct any of my fellow playmates that ventured into the woods. The school even made announcments urging the children not to take a shortcut through the forest to their homes on the opposite side. My sister will share her own shocking, if not fabricated, experience of being chased by a clown at the apartment complex where we grew up.

Big word of the day: Coulrophobia - fear of clowns.

My 'coulrophobia' culminated when as a child I secretly watch Stephen King's IT, against my parents better judgment. Never before and never since has a movie has a movie scared the absolute crap out of me. I couldn't sleep on my own for weeks and had to pile into my younger brother's room before bedtime, safe in the knowledge that I could run faster and he would get mangled while I escaped. To this day, that movie leaves me checking over my shoulder on quiet rainy days.

Anyone else have a horrible clown story that has scarred them for life?, please share in the comments box below.


  1. I'm not afraid of clowns so much as delivery men who deliver food to your house. I've always had a very big fear of them and I get sweaty palms whenever I come in direct sight of them.

    I think its the makeup and the sheer freakiness of clowns that do people in.

  2. I'm far more fearful of women who overdo their makeup than I am clowns. Honey... that bright blue eyeshadow... NOT BUYING that you were just accenting your natural features. Put DOWN the Mascara. If God had intented you to have black lines half a centimeter around your eyes, he would have made you a raccon!

  3. Oh Nolan LMAO thanks for the morning chuckle....
    I remember that all too well .
    It seems funny now..... though not at the time when I could not get you to sleep in your own room and wondered if you would ever be able to sleep with the light off again. I told you not to watch "IT" you were much too young ! Goes to show you should always listen to your Mom she does know best after all LOL.
    Have you tried watching it again?


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