Sunday, August 9, 2009

Cigarette butts raining from the sky... why?

I know we have all our flaws and in general I am very tolerant of others behaviours, but some things just go to far.

In my mind, smoking is a disgusting habit for a housemate to have. But, as long as they keep it outside it's something I can live with. Or so I thought... What never crossed my mind was that they would prefer to use the lower level balcony as their ideal location to get a nicotine fix. This presents a few problems:

  • Firstly, my room sits above this lower balcony and the smoke from their session rises directly up to my balcony. Which is disgusting when I'm trying to enjoy a lovely summer evening dinner outside. The upward draft also causes the ashes to float upwards as sooty snowflakes that land in our food, clothes, and hair. I hate this, but I tolerate it in the name of living conflict free.

  • Secondly, and this one is a two-fold problem. My house mates are also night owls and if I have the door open while I sleep, the smoke blows directly into my room. Creating a noxious and nauseating aroma that fills my room, and nostrils, as I try in vain to drift off to sleep. To make matters worse, they love to have loud conversations directly below my room late into the night, even on work nights. Again, I tolerate this.

  • The third and final disgusting thing associated with their smoking, is that they do not like to empty their ashtray..... ever. The only time it gets emptied is once every 2 weeks when the cleaner comes. After a few days of rain it turns into a sloppy mixutre and looks even more disgusting.

View from above, through the spaces in my balcony floor:

...and here's a side view for depth:

I guess my point is: If they want to be gross that's their business but they should at least respect the other who share the house.

...But even worse, they don't always use the lower balcony, sometimes, they use the top balcony -"But why would that be worse? Surely the smoke doesn't drift downwards or ashes land in your food", you might say. And you'd be right. But.... and there is always a but, a cigarette butt. They also have an ashtray on the top level that is in the same state as the one in the picture above. The cigarette butts that overflow and spill out onto the table also spill out and through the balcony floor (my roof). If you've never had cigarette butts rain down on you and land in your food before, let me tell you it is quite disgusting!

That's all for my rant on my housemates for now. Am I wrong to tolerate it and live in silence, or should I protest? If you have a housemate horror story, please share in the comments below.


  1. with situations like this it is best to say something...i aint saying to go at it with guns blazing but try and have a civial word with them. the longer you leave it, the longer they think that this is a.o.k

  2. OMG I used to live with 3 other girls who smoked my first year in college & I of course was a non smoker. I hated it & I complained to them all the time about how terrible the house smelled, our furniture smelled, and how nasty it made them look. They never understood - not at I moved out. I loved them, they were sweet girls, but smoking is such a bad habit & I didn't want to live with their nasty second hand smoke!

  3. HEy, swinging by from 20SB. I had this problem too. My neighbors we're smokers out on a shared porch that was somewhat near my bedroom window. So every now and then I'd wake up smelling like cigarette smoke. terrible. looking forward to reading more.

  4. I've found it seems smokers don't think the rules apply to them, like they're immune or someting. YES smoking IS disgusting, even when you do it; YES it bothers people, even when you do it; YES it will kill even YOU.... I don't bother trying to talk sense into smokers anymore - the fact that they took it up in the first place seems proof that it's a hopeless cause....

    Good luck with that! ;)

  5. Thanks for your comments! I am moving in 2 and a half weeks so I won't have to put up with them for much longer :)

    ...but for fun I could take some advice from Canadian Doubles Blog and bottle 'em?!

  6. I live with two smokers, one of them being my boyfriend. One of the roommates smokes in his bedroom at night, and I'll often find cigarette butts in the bathroom. It drives me freaking nuts!
    But I can't say too much, he was here before me...


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