Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Campaign to bring back hypercolour t-shirts

Growing up in the eighties and nineties, one my fondest memories were the hypercolour shirts that changed colour from the heat of your body. Back then those shirts were, in my best 90's lingo', radically gnarly and tubular. Did anybody else think of Keanu Reeves when they read that?

Nobody has made clothes as interesting since those days of flourescent pink, purple, orange, yellow, and green hyper colour shirts. I was enraptured for hours leaving behind the heat signature of handprints and creatively spelling out the occasional "F" word. Oddly enough I remember the shirts but I don't remember them fading out of existence. Google searches faintly hint that the downfall of hypercolour came after the introduction of a hypercolour underwear in Japan. As if that wasn't bad enough, apparently the chemicals broke down from the high heat and groinal moisture content and stained people's naughty bits... adding new meaning to the term "blue balls".
But just imagine for a moment if hypercolour made a comeback and became the newest fashion trend among hollywood's elite. As an adult I would stand in awe of any man that has the authority to wear a hypercolour three piece suit and get away with it. If you see hypercolour make a return, remember you saw it here first...

So what do you say? Would you wear hypercolour again...?
Comment below and let me know.

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