Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Michael Jackson fakes his own death

It is common knowledge that Elvis Presley faked his own death so he could go undercover and work for the DEA to help fight drug crime across America.

If you're a fan of the office (UK version) you'll know that Bruce Lee also faked his own death so he could go undercover to investigate the Triads.

Therefore, it is only logical that Michael Jackson also faked his own death. The fact that his body has been bouncing around like a 'find the queen' street scam and nobody seems to know where it is only helps support the mystery. The latest news being that the golden coffin containing his body has been kept in a cold store. Considering he's like 90% plastic, I'm not sure what he freezing will do. Won't that just make him brittle?

His death, like Bruce Lee and Elvis, is also surrounded by mysterious circumstances involving illicit substances. Not squashed by an 18 wheeler or gunned down in public. But passed away quietly in the seclusion of his own home.

The only question remaining is why would Michael Jackson fake his own death?

As we've all seen, he's certainly worth more money dead than alive. An estimated $100 million according to New York Times and is expected to earn an extra $100 million by the end of the year. Not too bad for someone who is reportedly dead.

But he had a lot of cash to start with, and probably wasn't interested in having more. So I think that Michael Jackson had a more altruistic purpose: working undercover to rescue disadvantaged chimpanzees around the world, like Bubbles.

Then again, I like to think that he is using his clever ability to change his appearance (dramatically over the last 20 years) and has joined forces with Bruce Lee and Elvis Presley to battle crime. Like an elite team of superstar crime fighters.

Whatever the case, I wish they would stop playing Michael Jackson songs on the radio every 3rd song! I, for one, wish he was alive again just so they would stop repeating all his songs!

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