Saturday, August 22, 2009

Testing vaccines on babies, terrorists freed.. what is happening in the world?

Scotland freed convicted Lockerbie Bomber and the terrorist returned to a hero's welcome in Libya -
Well done Scotland! Way to bring global outrage and shame to your nation. Apparently the people of Libya were waving Scottish flags (why can you buy these in Libya?) and have expressed gratitude to Scotland and Britain for releasing their homegrown terrorist. I understand the guy has prostate cancer, I understand some people feel he was scapegoated... but at the end of the day he was convicted by a court of law to stand a life sentence for his role in killing 270 people! 11 years of a life sentence for the murder of 270 people - I did the math and that's less than 15 days in jail per person.

450 people have been arrested across Manchester in dawn raids for alcohol related crimes
-Wow... waking up to a hangover is bad enough but waking up to the police breaking down your is so much worse. I can't believe that the police had intel on 450 people to arrest them for alcohol related crimes and waited to bust them in a co-ordinated sweep. Tax dollars well spent for sure. Note to self - don't move to Manchester!

3rd Suspect arrested in £40m gem heist
That was quick, they caught these guys in like a week... Apparently they caught one of the guys living it up in a club in the city.. way to keep a low profile. Why is it that people can plan a robbery so meticulously but completely ignore the part about planning how to get away with it?

Economy on the road to recovery
Economies around the world are heralding a return to big bucks and an end to the recession. Now I'm not an economist by any stretch of the imagination but the UK is in debt £800 billion. The US national debt is nearing $12 trillion. Canada's national debt is nearing $500 billion. Well I'm glad we're coming out of the recession. So does this just mean that people are spending again and so the economy is "growing" at the expense of increasing debt. Here's an anecdote that helps me understand the situation: Lets say we have a pizza shop that for the last year has been in a slump and has struggled to sell any pizzas, maybe $500 worth of sales - we'll call this a recession. This pizza shop changes strategy and begins making record sales lets say $10,000 per month (coming out of the recession). But to get such an increase in sales,the pizza shop has been selling the pizzas for less than it costs to make the pizzas. Lets say it costs the shop $15,000 to make the pizzas and they only sell the pizzas for $10,000. In theory the shop has awesome sales, but is losing money (going into debt). Would we call the shop successful? No, of course not the pizza shop owner would be a fool. Yet, this is what is happening in the economy at the moment.... but good news we're coming out of the recession!

US to begin trialling Swine Flu vaccine on children 6 months old
To prevent the widespread outbreak of Swine Flu the US has begun testing a vaccine on 6 month old children. Where do they find these babies? Who would volunteer to have their 6 month old injected with a test vaccine that may permanently damage their bodies or even kill them? People are panicking because of the media. To put things in perspective there have been 1800 deaths globally to date. In comparison 10,000 people are killed by lightning, globally, per year according to the Met Office. To show the true ridiculousness of the swine flu panic attack that has hit the world try thinking of this: There are approx. 6,779,000,000 people on the planet and on the premise that 1800 people have died from swine flu, your chances of dying from swine flu is 1 in 3.8 million! Would you inject a bunch of untested crap into your 6 month old to save them from a 1 in 3.8 million chance of dying from swine flu?

What do you think of the Swine Flu? Is it a serious concern or just panic caused by overhyped media coverage? Is the economy recovering? Let me know in the comment box below.


  1. The swine flu is a joke, killing less people than a normal winter flu. Is it true that Rumsfeld is a big share holder in the manufacturer of Tamiflu.

    Oh and Scotland released an innocent man. The real disgrace is that the US and the UK didn't bring the real bombers- Syria and Iran - to justice. They needed their help in the first Gulf War. I bet most of your readers have forgotten that Syria fought alongside the US in that war.

  2. There's is so much going on the world that it makes my head spin. Always fun to engage in talk like this over some beers though at the local pub!


  3. Anonymous - Apparently Rumsfield was on the of Gilead (the company that developed Tamiflu) from 1988 to 2001 and was chairman in 1997. He left the board when he joined the Bush campaign but retained his shares. Gilead has been bought out by a company called Roche. Allegedly RUmsfield made $5m from Tamiflu. However, the introduction of a vaccine will have a negative impact on Tamiflu (why treat a disease if you can prevent it). Besides Tamiflu has had relatively little effect on birdflu.

    Scotland have not released an 'innocent' man. He was convicted on some pretty shaky evidence, but he was convicted. He was not released because he was found to be innocent, but on compassionate grounds because he has cancer. I would be more supportive of Scotlands decision if they had appealed his case and found him innocent, rather than releasing a 'guilty' man.

  4. Timoteo - There definitely is a lot going on in the world. Beer makes these discussions much more interesting, a perfect example here: Drunken Review


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