Thursday, August 13, 2009

I-phone App to rate your performance in bed?!

In yet another example of how technology is improving our lives everywhere, there is now an I-phone app that can rate your performance in bed. According to the Telegraph start the programme, strap on (the i-phone!), and start your bedroom acrobatics. The I-phone will then measure your abilities based on duration, activity, and orgasm. The duration is monitored by a timer (presumably between starting and stopping the programme), the power of your pushing is monitored by the i-phone's gyroscopic accelerometer, and the orgasm is measured via the microphone.

Now, I don't own an i-phone but I've seen one in action.. erm.. not that kind of action.. but they seem to be a clever bit of kit. And in our 'tweet' generation everyone wants to share everything with random people from around the world so why not add a feature where you can share your results with the world... oh wait.. they've done that too!

The logistics of how it would work in practice leave me wondering a few things:

Would it recognise if you are upside down?

Who wears an armband/holster to bed?

How long will it be before someone dials Grandma instead of starting the programme! Imagine how uncomfortable the next family birthday party would be.

All in all, I suppose if you're into that sort of thing it's a pretty ingenius use of the technology even if it makes me look at everyone with an i-phone and wondering what score they have. But I do know one thing for sure, if I need to make a phone call I'd rather then put my ear to someone else's i-phone!

What do you think - Ingenius or just plain weird?

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