Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Being sick and daytime TV.

As you may have guessed from the title, I'm sick... a common run of the mill cold I think. I'm not so romantic as to fantasize it's "Swine Flu".

This is the first sick time off I have had since starting my current job. As such, I haven't had the great displeasure of daytime TV in a number of years. I had forgotten that every other TV commercial is either for 'only pay if you win' accident lawyers showing the worst re-enactment of a man falling off a ladder and shattering his 'face bone' and dramatically fighting for financial compensation. The other, every other, type of commercial is a technical college that shows some jobless person struggling to turn their lives around and make ends meet. They find out about this value college through an overly smiley friend who managed to turn their lives around and become successful, in many cases owning their own business.

These teledramatic commercials are exactly what TV daytime was designed for. The crap filler 'shows' they use between these commercials like Ricky Lake, Montel Williams, and Trisha is painful to watch. They all seem to have lie detectors and try to catch people out nowadays. And the worst part is the philosophical one liners that they deliver like 'The great thing about mistakes... is that they can be corrected'. In my opinion these daytime talk shows are no comparison to the teledrama shown in the commercials. Somebody should make a TV show that follows around the characters in the accident and value college commercials.

On the plus side, going to work sick is looking for more appealing then another day of watching daytime TV.

Anyone else agree?


  1. Completely Agree! There's nothing crappier than a day for of soap operas and trashy talk shows... hey, at least Sesame Street is on!

  2. Wellllll..... seeing as I've been unemployed for 2 months, I'd have to agree with you there... haha!

    Mind you, I was a huge All My Children fan a while back... (*hangs head in shame*)

  3. Hulu doesn't work here. Some international copyright issues prevents me from watching... so I'm afraid it's british television for me...


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